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D e m o  R e e l s


Want to hear the best of the best?  Click on any of Albert's demo reels below!


All the good stuff from television / radio / web!

Character Reel   (:90)

Lots of crazy characters,

all in one tidy little :90 Demo!  ​​

Promo Reel

Tonight on....!  Promo voices of all types available from yours truly!

Industrial / Corporate Reel

Sales and marketing corporate videos

are all the rage these days!

Phone System / IVR Reel

Messaging. phone prompts, and other clips from the wild world of corporate voice mail.​​

Character Reel   (3:00)

Didn't get enough characters in the :90 demo? Well here's even more!

Sports Reel

Clips from lots of sports programming over the years.​​  NBA/CFL/ name it!

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