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Take a cruise through some of the best of my television, corporate, and internet projects!

(and there are LOTS more on the aptly-named "Even More TV" check it out, if ya have time!)

Nissan Rogue - First Impression

National Nissan ad.  Not only voiced the end tag, but also all Mission Control lines.

Nationwide Insurance

Cool genuine corporate video for Nationwide Insurance. 

Body By Vi - Vi Crunch

High energy :90 spot highlighting a new fitness product!


English version of an international video

for Amway providers/new customers.

Trane Tracer

Fun corporate video in the style of NBC's

"The Office" explaining a cool new product!

Food For Thought

Who's the new guy?  Watch your back, little fishie!  (and yes, I'm all of the characters!)

Sam's Club / Walmart

An exciting new app for curbside pickups

at your local Sam's Club!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee

Corporate video explaining new data analytics and programming improvements

Central Health Medicare Plan

Friendly and soothing voice for a health

insurance plan in California.  Regional TV

Greater Houston Partnership

Corporate piece highlighting a business organzation in Houston, Texas.

Track Distillery

Cool commercial for a music libary

company for TV / Radio productions

Special Olympics

Strong video aired nationally at the closing

ceremonies of the Special Olympics 2016


Beautifully-shot film about a cool new app that takes TV-watching to a whole new level.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

:30 television commercial highlighting PSO's

work in the Native American community

Sumo Stance Ladders

A fun character piece as an Asian dojo sensei, calling the shots at a sumo tourney!​​

American Zinc Products

Really cool video explaining how zinc is

recycled and reused at American plants.

Dairy Queen / Fright Town

A chilling Halloween spot about a burger chain and a haunted house!

CAT Command - "Truckspotting"

Industrial sales video for a new product from Caterpillar for CAT Command.


Animated character explaining the joys of internet animation and all its benefits!


Upbeat graphics video for a mortgage company through Pulse DesignLab​​

A new dating website for married couples.

I don't judge...

PlatformQ Health

Upbeat live action video touting the benefits of online health seminars and functions.

Breeze Energy

Beautifully-animated :60 TV spot for a green energy company in the Lone Star State.

JTR Dumpsters

Talking dumpster...'nuff said

Battroborg Warriors

A popular Japanese fighting toy needs an online explainer!  (Rock Em Sock Em 2014)

Savings Bank of Danbury

Regional TV commercial for a Connecticut

bank.  One of four spots to be aired.

Magic Jack Plus

That's me as the short end-tag on this

national television spot.

Connecticut Sinus Center

Regional television spot for CT Sinus Center

airing currently in Connecticut (obviously)


On-camera demo for StormVision, the jumbotron show for WNBA's Seattle Storm.​​

Ashley Furniture - Super Bowl Savings

High energy and upbeat television "everything must go" furniture ad!​​

Saf-T-Anchor - "STARS Mounting System"

Industrial sales video for new product for

Special Needs school buses.

FireStarter Videos

Convincing British accent?  Check!

ADP - Beware the Compliance Gap

Animated explainer video for a new H.R. software program from ADP

Cellular Machines by Anaren

Sales video for a temperature monitoring kit for restaurants worldwide.

Smart Lid

Tired of burning yourself on your coffee? Here's A really cool product out of Australia.

MasterPass by MasterCard

Explainer video showcasing a new app for

MasterCard users. I'm the voice at :30 mark.

LGE Community Credit Union

Regional TV commercial for a LGE Community Credit Union

Now that you've made it this far, you should continue on to the "Even More TV" page!  There's lots more to enjoy!



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