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E V E N   M O R E   T e l e v i s i o n  /  W e b

There's lots here, so this page may take a few minutes to patient.  It'll be worth it!

Edina Realty - "Taxidermy"

First of a series of funny commercials

for Edina Realty in Minnesota.   

The Legend of Dragoon - Playstation

National television spot for Playstation.

Wait for it...wait for it.  ("What a Wuss"!)


Warm, introspective voice for a Kickstarter video for a home salt therapy solution!


Fun web explainer video about cool

e-rewards programs!

Battroborg Warriors 

Another demo for the Battroborg Warriors!
(Available at Target and other major stores)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I'm the world's greatest author & playboy.  Animated pitch video shopped world-wide!

United Way

A warm corporate video for

United Way Rhode Island.

AEP Texas - "Port of Corpus Christi"

TV Commercial highlighting how AEP Texas

helped revitalize the Corpos Christi area

Northwest Exterminating - "Don't Wait"

Television commercial in Atlanta, Georgia

for Northwest Exterminating


So I bet you're wondering if I can do a

wildly stereotypical Italian chef?  Check!

Quaker - "Minetech QFoam"

Industrial sales video for Quaker Chemical

and one of their new products.

Element Light Bulb - "Meet Element"

One of three national TV spots for Element light bulbs and their conservation programs

Kona Ice

Warm voice for a fundraising video for

Kona Ice and their worldwide efforts!


Animated video showcasing the new program from Avalaunch Media!



British accent for a British company.
Imagine that!

KSS Insurance

The ins-and-outs of Owl-bamaCare.

The Upside Club

All you ever wanted to know about networking...and then some!

Eisenhower Health Ctr - "Urgent Care"

Television spot for Eisenhower Health Center in Palm Springs, California



Animated video for cool new software

company, Pazien!

CatchFire Funding

Who doesn't want to be debt free and

cash rich?

Mighty Clean!

A superhero explains the importance of duct work.  Yes...duct work.

Join German Tradition - Beverages

Fun animation highlighting the different

beverages you can enjoy in Germany!

Core Culture USA

Extreme sports show from USA Network, Fox Sports Net, and Outdoor Life Network.

Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership

Television feature explaining a civic

project in Northwest Oregon.

Password Box

Herding cats can be fun...

Providence Heart and Vascular Institute

The warm announcer at the end of a medical commercial.​​

The "Gisteo" guy returns, with his raven friend, to explain new audible books!

High Octane

Extreme motorcycle lifestyle program from Speed Channel.

SportsZone at the Dome

:15 TV Spot for Upstate New York

for a local sports bar.

McKenna's On The Bay

Not hungry enough after all these food videos so far?  Here's one more!

Fun Scrum

Stylish explainer video for one of my international clients.

Canyon's Church

Cool young voice for a youth-oriented church television commercial.

The 2007 Stormy Awards

A fun in-arena Jumbotron video

for the WNBA's Seattle Storm. 

Ashley Furniture - Super Bowl #2

Another Super Bowl furniture spot

for Ashley Furniture in Miskelly.​​

Rent This Rock!

High energy spot for a portable rock-wall company!  RENT THIS ROCK!!!

Lenox Financial

Trustworthy guy doing the wraparound

for a financial services company.

You Never

A $712 toaster?  Ouch!


Riddell's Bay

A beautiful vacation video for a golf course in the Bahamas!  (I wanna go!)


A snowboarding feature on the

Outdoor Life Network.


Four Burgers

If you aren't hungry now, just wait

until you watch this! 

Magic Jack Plus

Another national television spot for 

Magic Jack Plus.  I voiced the end tag.

Joe's Sports and Outdoors

The big 'sporty' announcer at the end.

Meet TenMast

A cool video explaining new software

for the Housing Authority.

Rapid Recert

Voicing a handsome young OB/GYN in an

animated short for Rapid Recert.


Giant slides and bouncers!


Battroborg Warriors Instructional

An instructional video on how to fully

utilize your Battroborg warrior toys!

CFL  - Altitude Sports & Entertainment

A CFL promo for a sports network based in Denver, Colorado


Hope you've enjoyed the journey so far!


Don't forget to continue on to the radio page, and take a listen to some of the best radio spots on the airwaves!



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