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E V E N   M O R E  R a d i o

Settle in...there's lots here.  Make sure you take a minute and let the page load.  It's worth it!

LasikPlus - "Road Trip - Milwaukee"

Played Mike, the husband.  Another from the "Road Trip" campaign for LasikPlus.

Northern Quest Casino

Regional radio spot for Northern Quest Casino.  I'm playing the dumb best friend.

Kangaroo Express - "Amateur Barista"

Still more fun as the barista in another Kangaroo Express spot.  "!"

Iron Mountain - "Intern"

One of three national radio spots for Iron

Mountain.  I'm voicing the announcer.

Harlem Globetrotters

Fun radio spot for the Globetrotters appearance in Portland, Oregon.

LasikPlus - "Road Trip - St. Louis"

Another from the "Road Trip" campaign for LasikPlus.  Played Mike, the husband.

Wells Fargo Bank - "Greg Oden"

A befuddled bank teller meeting Greg Oden in a Wells Fargo branch.

Kangaroo Express - Skosh"

Another Barista spot for Kangaroo Express.  "A skosh?  What's a skosh?"

Gexa Energy - "Texas Energy"

Hanging out in the coffee shop, and saving money on the A/C.

Virginia Lottery - "Press Conference #1"

A "Patrick Warburton-esque" PowerBall!

Gexa Energy - "Who Knew?"

Save money...SAVE MONEY!
More fun from Gexa Energy.

Meijer - "Chicago Gas"

Playing another dumb guy (am I being typecast?)  Thanks Patrick Warburton!

Virginia Lottery - "Press Conference #2"

More fun as a "Patrick Warburton" style Power Ball!

Aetna - "Aetna Gets You"

Radio spot for the Washington D.C. area for Aetna insurance.  I played the announcer.

Portland Trail Blazers - "Fan Shop"

Short :10 button for a Portland Trail Blazers fan shop offer!

Playhouse Disney LIVE

Fun family-friendly spot for a Disney live show appearance in Portland, Oregon.

LasikPlus - "Road Trip - San Antonio"

Another from the "Road Trip" campaign for LasikPlus.  Played Mike, the husband.

Go West Eugene - "General"

Fun radio spot highlighting cool areas of

of the city of Eugene, Oregon

TILE App - "Get My Tile"

National radio spot for the new TILE app.  I played the character of 'Mike'.

Continental Labor Fair

Radio spot for a job fair in Fresno, California!  "Need a job?  Head to the mall!"

Stark's Vacuums- "Hairball"

Fun radio spot playing the husband for Stark's Vacuum stores in Portland, Oregon

Parklane Mattresses - "Back Talk"

Radio spot for Parklane Mattresses, a local mattress store in the Pacific Northwest

Wow!  You made it this far?  Nice work!


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